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Waiting For Spring in Connecticut
  Birch Pot        Scrubber              Made in   many sizes up to full sized floor broom. Look in Broom Shop.....
Drying Rake
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With Grandaughter Briana  at the 2003 Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA
At the Haddem Meadows State Park, Haddam, Ct. Rendezvous and Native American Fest. with nieces Missy and Liz. This  great event ended in 1997 after 13 years.
Now stocking hog bristle; horsehair;  tampico and fine palmyra (palm) fiber. Can copy or repair most historic brushes. Also stock a pine tar blend (pitch) for setting fiber and appropriate wire for wire-drawn brushes. Both techniques were utilized  to fasten the fibers to the brush backs.

I recently replaced the brush on an early Henshall type corkscrew. (The Henshall button corkscrew patent was issued in 1797) The original brush in the T handle; used to clean debris from the cork; had been set with pitch.

  Send photo's and measurements for a quote.
More on these techniques on the broom shop page in the future.  11/1/04
I will kindle my fire this morning
In the presence of God without malice; jealousy; envy or fear
of anyone under the sun
   -Author unknown-
  Seventeenth Century
     School discipline

"A besom of byrche for      babes verye fit
To a long lastinge lybbet     for lubbers as meete"
Customs and Fashions in         Old New England
     Alice Morse Earle
Charles Scribner's Sons
       1894 New York

This book has been   
   My Photo Page
Misc. photo's. Some old brooms and some new stuff
Original sketch by a
traveling artist using        black walnut ink.             Swapped for a broom.
Greetings visitors... This site is getting pretty busy but each time I stumble upon new information I will post it if it relates to the older brooms in any way. I have a new photo on the Broomshop page produced from a negative taken in 1844 that is in a private collection. More photo's are on My Photo Page. The source is identified if known. The Broom Lore page is still under construction and hope to finish it soon. Thanks for visiting..... Bob
With Grandson RJ Traynor stitching brooms at the 2009 Eastern States Expo.