Emma Jean Carpenter with older sister Kayla
Emma Jean Carpenter at 4 hours.  Born 3-26-04
       Der Besenbinder
An old etching from Germany
I have this framed above my desk
It was a good winter in Connecticut with game and fish plentiful near camp.........
From an old postcard. The handwritten notes in the border are in German describing the "ugliest witch; even more ugly in reality." And I thought the subject was a chimney sweep!
Scottish besom maker from an
old stereo view slide by Keystone. Broom material probably heather. Note the bundle of binding strips and heather(?).
                - - - - - - - - -
There was an old Scotsman named     Mack.
Who for besoms, had developed a
For bundling together,
Bunches of heather;
And taking 'm to town on his
                       R Aborn '05
Michael Walter McAllister
      Age 4 months
  Born Aug. 2, 2004
Latest of 7 Grandchildren
  Smiles for Grandpa.....
   From an old Arbuckles "Ariosa"     Coffee trading              card
  "839,972 Pounds       Roasted Daily."
Both from the book "My Pet's Picture-Book" published in the 1870's by MESSRS. T. NELSON & SONS, 42 BLEEKER STREET, NEW YORK & S.W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9 PATTERNOSTER ROW, LONDON  

  unknown source
  Cinderella with her broom Unknown book source

Peeled birch broom and
scrubber BigE Expo
A copy of this photo was sent to me without being identified. I have since found it posted for auction on eBay. It is by Julian Bryan taken in 1931 Russia. Search eBay "Julian Bryan"
Victorian Ladies
Source unknown
Saw this on eBay. Italian
         movie poster
   Japanese Broom Seller.
From an old stereo view slide
        Date Unknown.
Post Card from France
     Date unknown
     Unknown source
     Besom peddler
Original source unknown
Modern Chinese street broom. Forwarded by a recent visitor. I love this new technology!
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Note: If I know the source of any  photo's or prints it will be posted. Some that I receive are not identified.  Some I have purchased and others arrive in the mail sent by interested customers or friends. 
This photo was taken in spring of 2007   The Cedar Key Historical Society museum in Cedar Key, FL. Palm fiber brushmaking was a major business in the area from about 1909-1952. Operated as the Standard Manufacturing CO. under the Donax brand.